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Political policing? GMP use TAU to speed march people down public footpath

It would appear from yesterday’s footage that GMP continue to impede the public’s right to peacefully protest. In order to assist iGas in progressing with their operations at maximum efficiency at the fracking site in Irlam yesterday, members of the public were pushed along the footpath by a strong line of TAU (tactical aid unit) police. People who were filming the activity were filmed being shoved back and a woman was detained at the side of the road, kept there against her will whilst the lorries were assisted down the footpath by GMP.

Based on the hours of video footage recorded at Barton Moss (readily available for viewing on YouTube, Facebook and other social media), it is becoming increasingly evident that GMP appear to be policing the peaceful protest in such a way which fulfils the corporate and government agenda. In a time of money saving, cuts and ‘efficiencies’ within the police force, one wonders why so much of GMP’s resources, money and time are being spent ensuring that the fracking is able to continue without delay, disregarding the rights of the public to peacefully protest in the process.

Short video: A simple introduction to fracking…Doreen’s Story

This is a short but informative video to help research the basics about fracking, how it has already affected lives, and what it means for the planet and the population.


Fracking fear: Wrexham test drill recommended for approval

Opponents vow action after council planners asked to give approval to test for gas near Borras

Controversial proposals to test drill for underground gas are being  recommended for the go-ahead. Wrexham council planners will be asked on Monday to approve plans by GP Energy Ltd to test drill for coal bed gas on land near Commonwood Farm, Borras. Campaigners, headed by Luke Ashley have already collected more than 1,200 signatures on a petition objecting to the proposals, which is due to be handed in to  the council. Read original article here (link will open in new window).

TAU brought into peaceful line-up in yet another example of political policing at BM

Within seconds of the TAU unit of GMP being substituted for the normal and somewhat more peaceful ‘beat bobbies’, a violent unprovoked arrest is made. You have to hear it to believe it, but weeks after courts ruled that this is a PUBLIC FOOTPATH, the TAU Sergeant can be clearly telling the arrested man that he is under arrest for “obstructing the highway”. This clearly cannot be the case because GMP have been made aware by the COURTS that this is not a highway. The charge will probably be substituted by a charge of “aggravated trespass”, to be dropped at a later date, because you cannot trespass on a footpath. Still, they continue to arrest, and continue to act as private security guards for iGas, wasting police time and resources and spending our money in the process.

Fracking CEO claims fracking is safe…before filing lawsuit to stop fracking near his own home

Executive fracker

Exxon CEO Joins Lawsuit Against Fracking Project Because It Will Devalue His $5 Million Property
by Rebecca Leber | EcoWatch

As ExxonMobil’s CEO, it’s Rex Tillerson’s job to promote the hydraulic fracturing enabling the recent oil and gas boom, and fight regulatory oversight. The oil company is the biggest natural gas producer in the U.S., relying on the controversial drilling technology to extract it.

The exception is when Tillerson’s $5 million property value might be harmed. Tillerson has joined a lawsuit that cites fracking’s consequences in order to block the construction of a 160-foot water tower next to his and his wife’s Texas home.

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Scientists blame fracking for Oklahoma earthquakes

Scientists are pointing to fracking as the cause of a major uptick in earthquakes in the state of Oklahoma. Jeffrey Kluger, editor-at-large for Time Magazine, joins the “CBS This Morning: Saturday” co-hosts to discuss why the controversial mining procedure may be the culprit.

Shale gas drilling’s dirty secret is out | Josh Fox |

Workers at a natural gas well site near Burlington, Pennsylvania, in April 2010.

Workers at a natural gas well site near Burlington, Pennsylvania. Residents in Dimock, PA are convinced their water has been poisoned by fracking. Photograph: Ralph Wilson/AP Photo

The EPA’s findings about fracking’s contamination of ground water have sent a shockwave through a gas industry in denial | Josh Fox | The

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The fracking reality – a new perspective

fracking - a different perspective

This is what EACH well does underground – going at least a mile in all directions, smashing solid strata of dense rock into smithereens.

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