The people got the power! Fracking suspended in Bentley victory | ABC News

Bentley Blockade

Metgasco drilling licence WITHDRAWN…due to lack of public consultation. If same is applied in UK…ALL Unconventional Gas Licences WILL be WITHDRAWN!

Below article from ABC news: 

Whispers started circulating around the Bentley protest site at dawn.

Just after 7am the Minister for Resources and Energy, Anthony Roberts announced that the NSW Office of Coal Seam Gas had suspended Metgasco’s Rosella exploration licence.

Mr Roberts said the company had failed to undertake genuine and effective community consultation, as required under the licence.

On the same morning he also announced that he had referred the approval process for the well to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) after receiving information concerning shareholdings and interests in Metgasco Limited.

New South Wales Police announced shortly after that it had cancelled an operation involving up to 800 police, scheduled for early next week when Metgasco’s rig was expected to arrive at the drill site.

The news came as sheer disbelief to hundreds of protesters who have been camping on the neighbouring farm for several months.

It was followed by jubilation; singing, dancing and joyful embraces.

Campaign organisers claim the decision is a direct result of their persistence.

Jill Keogh has been protesting at the Bentley Blockade for more than two months.

“I am really passionate about looking after the water and the air and all of those natural systems for my great grandchildren, my grandchildren and my children,” the 76-year-old Federal woman says.

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2 thoughts on “The people got the power! Fracking suspended in Bentley victory | ABC News

  1. Steve Woodward says:

    You do realize, I hope, that the photo of the massive crowd in an aerial photo of the 1969 Woodstock music festival in the U.S. Simply right-click on the photo, choose Google Image Search, and you will find the many ways people like yourselves have misrepresented this image over the years.

    • Author says:

      Hi Steve,
      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. FrackFreeWalkden largely acts as an aggregator – collecting and displaying links to articles and websites to create a rolling feed of material in one place. However, we did not seek out this image to misrepresent the facts intentionally as you suggested. The articles and sites we link to are sent and sourced from various places including Facebook and Twitter. On this occasion we accept that the image source was wholly incorrect in representing it as the Bentley Blockade. We appreciate you taking the time to bring this to our attention, and have since changed the photo accordingly to that of the actual Bentley Blockade.

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