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‘No Fracking’ message appears on Humber Bridge

No fracking on Humber Bridge Hull

With the government now opening up more areas to extreme energy extraction, anti-fracking campaigners in East Yorkshire brought the issue to public attention this Sunday by unfurling banners on the iconic Humber bridge. The message “No Fracking” was visible from the A63, and from the river.

The action was organised by Frack Free East Yorkshire Coalition and was attended by people from West Newton and Crawberry Hill anti-fracking camps – two sites where extreme energy company Raithlin Energy are operating in the area – as well as activists from Frack Off London, who were visiting the sites in solidarity with local campaigners. Each campaigner held one letter of the message.

Pippa Hockey from Frack Free East Yorkshire Coalition said “We are trying to raise awareness about not just what is going on locally but nationally and internationally. Despite what Rathlin is saying we are worried that there will be fracking in this area. It’s not just about the villages near the well sites, the aquifer they’re drilling through covers most of East Yorkshire, potentially affecting 900 000 people. We just want people to educate themselves as to what fracking entails. Please, once you know you’ll want to stop it. Educate yourself.”

Charlie Walker from Frack Off London said: “We’re grateful for the Yorkshire warm welcome we received on our visit, and seeing an active extreme energy site in operation with our own eyes has really brought home the horrors of industrialisation of the countryside that this energy policy would bring, if we allow it to happen. It’s clear that there is no social license for these activities here, and we were pleased to help with the Humber bridge banner to highlight this”.

For more information, visit the Frack Free East Yorkshire website

Ireland: Hundreds turn up to stand up against threat of fracked future | BBC NEWS

Ireland fights back against fracking

Several hundred people have taken part in an anti-fracking protest in County Fermanagh.

The protest took place on Monday evening at a site near Belcoo, where a shale gas exploration company has announced plans to drill an exploratory borehole to collect rock samples.

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West Sussex Council turns DOWN fracking bid | The Guardian

community fightback

Refusal of Celtique Energie thought to be the first time a council has rejected a planning application by a shale company.

West Sussex County Council’s planning committee refused the application by Celtique Energy for oil and gas exploration near Wisborough Green, a conservation area just outside the South Downs National Park. The refusal, thought to be the first time a council has rejected a planning application by a shale company, was welcomed by local campaigners and environmentalists who feared that the exploration would lead to controversial fracking for oil or gas.

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Germany proposes BAN on fracking


”Protecting drinking water and health holds the highest value for us.” – Barbara Hendricks, German Environment Minister

German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks, in conjunction with Sigmar Gabriel, Vice Chancellor and Minister for Economic Affairs, plan to propose a partial moratorium on hydraulic fracturing for the next seven years. Please click here to read original article on the Environmental Working Group website.

GMP and Barton Moss: Disgraceful ‘policing’ which will NOT be forgotten

Today we’ve had a beautiful day of glorious, warm sunshine in Salford. Gloomy, freezing days on the Moss feel like such a long time ago. As the contrast between the two seasons intensifies, the memories of the bleak, so-called ‘facilitated’ protests can begin to fade. It is important to highlight the reality of what happened at Barton Moss earlier this year, and for it not to be forgotten about. The video below, one of hundreds, possibly thousands recorded, makes for uncomfortable viewing, but is nonetheless a valuable record of the farcical, shameful ‘facilitating of protest’ delivered by Greater Manchester Police. If there was any doubt in people’s minds whether GMP lived up to their reputation as Igas’ Private Army, it is videos such as this which only serve to justify such accusations.



Farmer’s fracking warning via huge roadside signs | Blackpool Gazette

fracking farmers

Huge roadside signs have been erected by a farmer to raise awareness of what he calls the ‘frightening prospect’ of fracking.

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fracking safe?

New York’s highest court upholds rights of towns to BAN FRACKING |

New York upholds right of towns to ban fracking

HUGE NEWS! In a resounding victory that will ripple across the nation, New York’s highest court has just upheld the right of towns to ban fracking within their borders! Our attorneys represented the small town of Dryden, NY in a furious legal battle with the oil and gas industry, and in the end justice prevailed!

Dryden’s defiant stance in the war against fracking has already inspired hundreds of communities across the country – from Texas to California – to enact their own fracking bans. The movement is catching fire but the oil and gas industry has tried time and time again to extinguish the people’s will. We hope this huge court victory in New York will embolden even more communities across America to stand up to fracking even when their federal and state officials refuse to!

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Bez and protectors at toxic Davyhulme site


Last night, Bez joined around fifty anti-fracking protectors to dramatically hand back to owners Peel Holdings land near the Trafford Centre that has been occupied for the last few weeks.

“The air pollution is so bad that everyone’s become ill so people have got to leave and we recommend that people stay away” Bez told the Salford Star “The people using the Trafford Centre’s sports facilities should be warned about the consequences of being in the area for too long – we need it investigating…”

It was only a couple of weeks ago that protectors created a new anti-fracking camp in the shadow of the Trafford Centre, underneath Barton Bridge in Davyhulme. In the days that followed Peel Holdings, which owns the land, and United Utilities, which leases the land from them, have been to court to win a possession order, and over the past few days protectors have been heavily fortifying the Camp to fend off eviction teams.

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MUST WATCH: Fracking Nightmare…At West Newton, East Yorks

Local residents in East Yorkshire were shocked by the sudden arrival of 50+ trucks at Rathlin Energy’s West Newton Frack site; finally realising that they have been duped by the industry Mother-Frackers! Meanwhile, Humberside Police demonstrate that they are little more than Corporate Enforcers…refusing to facilitate any peaceful protest against the UK Government Fracking Agenda! If Terrorists were poisoning our water supply, there would be outrage…but apparently it’s OK when the corporations do it!

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