‘No Fracking’ message appears on Humber Bridge

No fracking on Humber Bridge Hull

With the government now opening up more areas to extreme energy extraction, anti-fracking campaigners in East Yorkshire brought the issue to public attention this Sunday by unfurling banners on the iconic Humber bridge. The message “No Fracking” was visible from the A63, and from the river.

The action was organised by Frack Free East Yorkshire Coalition and was attended by people from West Newton and Crawberry Hill anti-fracking camps – two sites where extreme energy company Raithlin Energy are operating in the area – as well as activists from Frack Off London, who were visiting the sites in solidarity with local campaigners. Each campaigner held one letter of the message.

Pippa Hockey from Frack Free East Yorkshire Coalition said “We are trying to raise awareness about not just what is going on locally but nationally and internationally. Despite what Rathlin is saying we are worried that there will be fracking in this area. It’s not just about the villages near the well sites, the aquifer they’re drilling through covers most of East Yorkshire, potentially affecting 900 000 people. We just want people to educate themselves as to what fracking entails. Please, once you know you’ll want to stop it. Educate yourself.”

Charlie Walker from Frack Off London said: “We’re grateful for the Yorkshire warm welcome we received on our visit, and seeing an active extreme energy site in operation with our own eyes has really brought home the horrors of industrialisation of the countryside that this energy policy would bring, if we allow it to happen. It’s clear that there is no social license for these activities here, and we were pleased to help with the Humber bridge banner to highlight this”.

For more information, visit the Frack Free East Yorkshire website

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