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VIDEO: An insight into fracking – filmed at Barton Moss, Salford


This video is a great insight into the period of time Igas undertook their test drilling for shale gas between November 2013 and April 2014 in Salford. Filmed at Barton Moss, local Jason talks to residents locals of the community protection camp and local people visiting the site to express their peaceful resistance, to gain their views on fracking and why it’s so important for the sake of your own future and that of your family, to research fracking and share information with people you know.

Salford could become TOXIC FRACKING CENTRE as Peel Holdings opens new gas division | Salford Star

Barton Moss Salford March and Rally 26th Jan 2014 (11)


Salford could become the North West centre of the fracking industry as Peel Holdings has announced the creation of a new Gas and Oil business “looking to maximise the economic and supply chain benefits to the North of England from the emerging shale gas industry”.

The Peel Group is already heavily involved with IGas Energy, subject of huge anti-fracking protests at Barton Moss last year, and the company’s Port Salford could become central to its plans.

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EVENT: Frack Free Walkden Information & Social Evening | 03.03.2015 | 7:30pm

British Legion Event

Here are the details of FFW’s latest information and awareness event (see above). Former oilfield executive Ian R. Crane, the speaker from last year’s meeting, will be appearing to inform us of the very latest on the fracking situation in the UK. With appearances from other guest speakers and musicians, it looks set to be an inspiring and informative evening. It’s free entry, and everyone is welcome, so if you’re interested please feel free to bring along anyone else whom you think might enjoy it.

U.S. Farmer tells his story of effect of fracking on his family & explains how your community can defend itself

This is a 20 minute cut of Wyoming rancher John Fenton’s presentation at Casino, northern NSW Australia on 25 Feb 2014. John has a terrible story to tell about the effects of invasive gasfields on his property and family and explains how to avoid the same thing happening to you and your community.

Britain’s Fracking Fight Is a Test of Our Democracy | Andrew Wander | Huffington Post

fracking and democracy

Fracking, the practice of firing high-pressure jets of toxic chemicals into the earth to release shale gas, is not popular in Britain. Less than a quarter of the population supports the idea, and even fewer would back fracking in their local area. But the government wants to open the country up for drilling and together with the fossil fuel industry, is determined to get its way.

To oil the wheels of the fracking bandwagon, ministers have resorted to various schemes. They’ve offered tax breaks to cash-strapped councils in return for approving projects, buried changes to land rights in obscure legislation, created legal requirements to dig up fossil fuels, and dismissed concerns over everything from health to house-prices as the ramblings of cranks and nimbys. Taken together, it resembles less an energy policy and more an all-out assault on the will of the people.

Last month, MPs approved the Infrastructure Bill, a mammoth piece of legislation that covers everything from road building to tackling invasive plant species. Buried in its depths are hastily drafted provisions that enshrine in law the right of fracking companies to drill under private property against the will of the owner, despite a consultation finding 99% of the public opposed the change.

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