VIDEO: Anne Power speaking at Frack Free Walkden Public Meeting | 03.03.2015

THANK YOU to everyone who attended the fracking information and social meeting held at the British Legion in Walkden on Tuesday night. It was brilliant to hear from so many different speakers spanning such a wide spectrum of different beliefs, views and backgrounds, yet who all shared one common interest – fracking and the potential damage and devastation to our water, air, health and lives. It was a reminder that whatever your political (or apolitical), ethical, philosophical, religious or spiritual takes on life, one thing unites us all and that is the right to a future free from the risk of toxic poisoning to our land, air and water caused by the fracking industry and corporations. If you couldn’t make the event or you are interested in what was said at the meeting, we’ll be uploading a video of clips of various speakers from the night, some local, some representing various political parties, some sharing their experiences of life at community resistance camps and others just sharing their own personal view and feelings and knowledge about the industry. We will be holding more meetings and social events in the near future, so thank you to those who left their contact details, we will keep you informed. Alternatively you can follow us on Twitter or check our website, details of any events will be posted on here too.

In the meantime, you can watch the above video of The Observer Ethical Award: Local Hero winner, 83 year old Anne Power speaking at the event. To read about Anne’s experience of GMP’s behaviour at Barton Moss, you can click here for a previous M.E.N news article and click here for the Salford Star’s piece on Anne’s award.

It was clear and very encouraging to see the strong community resistance and opposition, and great to get feedback from people who knew little or nothing about fracking before coming to the meeting and said they were going home with their ‘interest ignited’, feeling enthused to learn more for themselves.

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