Huge Victory for Lancashire and the UK as Councillors vote NO to Cuadrilla fracking plans

fracking refused in Lancashire

On a day which has huge implications for the future of shale gas extraction in the UK, Lancashire Council councillors have voted NO to  Cuadrilla’s fracking application at Preston New Road. After months of demonstrations, awareness-raising, and strong opposition not only from local communities but people throughout the UK and all over the world, it seems the councillors have held their integrity and recognised the serious impact fracking would have on the land, water and people. The past week has seen demonstrations made up of locals, families, celebrities, supporters from throughout the UK, and politicians descend on County Hall, Preston, whilst the councillors considered the application.

Last week, councillors refused Cuadrilla’s application to frack at the Roseacre site but Cuadrilla stated their intentions to perform ‘seismic monitoring’ at the site, which was later suspected to be stage one of their plans to turn Roseacre into a nuclear waste dumping ground.

Cuadrilla tried their best to bully, intimidate and pressure the council into approving the application, incorrectly ‘warning’ them that a refusal would result in huge legal costs from Cuadrilla. But despite the threats, over the weekend, a second leading QC emerged with information which proved that the council were very much within their rights to refuse the application without financial repercussion. Which, in a so-called democratic society, seems ridiculous to consider otherwise.

Cuadrilla will inevitably choose to appeal the council’s decision. But the fact that it has today been REJECTED is hugely significant in the fight against the government and corporations who want to ‘frack the life out of the country’. Community resistance, solidarity, and the truth about fracking is more powerful than the corporations and their money, we said we would STOP them and today, we have.

Vivienne Westwood against fracking in Lancashire

Vivienne Westwood speaking on Tuesday 23rd June 2015, outside Lancashire County Hall in Preston where Lancashire County Council decide whether to give the shale gas firm, Cuardrilla, a license for fracking. © Jonathan Nicholson/NurPhoto/Corbis.

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