‘We will fight their appeal’ says resident, of Cuadrilla’s plans to overturn Lancashire’s Fracking decision

Cuadrilla to Appeal Lancashire’s Refusal of Fracking Applications

Cuadrilla the evil fracking company

Shale gas developer Cuadrilla will be appealing against Lancashire County Council’s decision to refuse planning permission for its proposed exploratory drilling sites at Roseacre Wood and Preston New Road.

After six months of delay, the council rejected Cuadrilla’s planning application for both sites last month. While environmental campaigners hailed this as a major victory, the threat of an appeal has been looming in the background ever since; councillors were advised at the time that their rulings would likely be subject to appeal.

Bob Dennett, one of the founders of Frack Free Lancashire, told DeSmog UK: “This is not unexpected. Personally, I expected them to take a little bit longer to announce that they were going to an appeal but they have done it. We are ready for it.” Dennett added that the group is planning to fight against Cuadrilla’s appeal. “It’s safe to say that we have sufficient grounds to fight their appeal and we have the legal teams lined up ready to do it.”

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