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At Manchester Magistrates Court today in the trial of more than 40 people arrested during the anti-fracking protests at Barton Moss the court heard evidence about contamination at Barton Moss in Salford. A verdict on the evidence will now be heard in court on September 7th.

New evidence was heard today as a part of a trial of more than 40 people arrested during the anti-fracking protests at Barton Moss in Spring 2014. The new report discussed historical contamination of land surrounding the iGas site, of glacial clay that was excavated when the drilling pad was constructed and of contaminants found in the drainage ditch alongside the compound. After last weeks adjournments where the prosecutions barrister failed to attend, (see Salford Star article – click here) Manchester Magistrates Court finally heard evidence from the prosecution’s expert witness, Sarah Scott, of the Environment Agency and the expert witness for the defence, environmental scientist, Dr Aidan Foley.

Their evidence came after initial findings that were heard in March showed dangerously high levels of toxic PAHs on the land surrounding the iGas compound. These include acenaphthylene, anthracene, benz[a]anthracene and chrysene – toxic carcinogenic substances which have major affects on human health, as well as on livestock and crops. Until March Dr Foley had been refused access back onto the site by both Peel Holdings, the owners of the land, and iGas despite needing to get more samples so that he could identify the actual source of the contamination. Since then Dr Foley has been allowed back on to the site and todays hearing heard his report. A verdict on this report is now being considered and will be heard in court on September 7th.

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