The report the UK government didn’t want you to see: the social impacts of fracking

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The UK government Dpartment for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said it redacted huge swathes of a Defra report because the information as not rigorous enough – even though it was written by an economic advisor in the department’s Rural Communities Policy Unit, exchanges between Defra and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) reveal.

The emails obtained through FOI request, show that Defra was worried that green groups would use information it considered inaccurate to strike a blow against the government’s amendments to the Infrastructure Bill, which was changed to allow fracking under people’s homes following a consultation in Summer 2014.

The unredacted report, finally published in full in July this year – showed the impacts of fracking on houses and jobs in local communities, as well as health impacts from water, noise light and air pollution.

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One thought on “The report the UK government didn’t want you to see: the social impacts of fracking

  1. Margie says:

    Has anyone got information about where in the British Constitution it says the whole land mass in England (UK?)is nationalised and owned by the state please?

    As far as my education goes, Title Deeds to land stipulate the ownership rights and entitlements of owners and must not be violated, but there is nothing on mine to say the state owns land under my home as erroneousy stated in this ‘social impacts of fracking’ report:- ”Whereas in the UK property rights reside with the state ”

    This has massive social implications because if the state owns my property rights then why hasn’t it paid for my mortgage, insurance, repairs etc?

    Surely this statement should read, the Crown owns mineral rights in England, ( but would still have to pay you to get it out from under your land)

    At what stage were land owning entitlements, rights and liability for land ownership taken away from homeowners, and given to the state? Where is the legislation or British Constitutional declaration to support this please?

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