Our weapon against fracking is our love of the land | John Ashton

Barton Moss, Salford, 2014

By John Ashton

Believe it or not, and I know it’s hard to believe, in Westminster, in Whitehall, in the City of London, there are people who say – there really are – they say: we’ve just got to drill.

They say: the United Kingdom needs fracking, it needs underground coal gasification, it needs coal bed methane.

But then they say: not everybody in the UK needs to have dirty energy on their doorstep. They say: here in the leafy, crowded south of England, our hills are too green, our views are too beautiful, our lives are too precious, to be contaminated by the dirty energy that we nevertheless need in the UK.

The place to have dirty energy is in the North, they say. The North is desolate anyway, they say. In the North, they do not love where they live as much as we do. In the North, their hills are not so green. Their views are not so beautiful. Their lives are not so precious. That’s what they say.

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