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Upton eviction: ”We won’t have our health and environment ruined just to make a small number of people a large amount of money.”

Upton anti-fracking camp

Anti-fracking protesters evicted from Cheshire camp

Demonstrators had locked themselves in tunnels to try to frustrate attempt to take over site in Upton

Police and bailiffs have evicted protesters from the UK’s longest-running anti-fracking camp, which activists have fortified with tunnels, treehouses and a moat, months after the high court ordered them to leave so drilling could begin.

Anna Davis, an activist with Frack Free Dee, said police had blocked the road leading to the protest camp, ostensibly to guarantee public safety while it was being used by vehicles involved in the eviction. She said she and fellow activists would try to use country footpaths to reach the site, which police are unable to legally block. Karen Harris, an Upton resident and member of Frack Free Dee, said: “We surveyed our neighbours and over 85% do not want this industry here or anywhere else. There is no community consent for this work to take place and we’ll be doing everything we can to defend ourselves.”

“There is a school within 500 metres of the site and houses within 200 metres. We’re not stupid, we can look to America for 10 years’ worth of evidence as to what fracking means for communities. We won’t have our health and environment ruined just to make a small number of people a large amount of money.”

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Lancs Demo: The Frack Stops Here | Details

Preston Fracking Demo

LANCASHIRE needs you (now more than ever) – please join us to make this matter:

From Tues 23rd to Fri 26th June, Lancashire County Council will be deciding on whether or not to approve two of the biggest fracking tests ever contemplated in the UK. If allowed to happen, each site would have 4 horizontal wells, producing tens of millions of gallons and radioactive and toxic waste and opening the door to thousands more wells to be drilled across Lancashire, and the rest of the UK.

On the first day (and on subsequent days), concerned communities from around the UK will descend upon Lancashire County Hall in Preston for a peaceful show of solidarity and resistance. This is a huge deal that has implications for the entirety of the UK. It’s also a great chance to showcase the strength and solidarity of the of the UK anti-fracking movement by standing with the people of Lancashire!

If you live in the 60% of the UK that has been made available to fracking companies, this is also your chance to highlight the threat to your community and the resistance taking place where you live! Get involved and come to Lancashire, if you can! If you can just come for one day the first one is likely to be the most important in setting the tone for the days that follow.

For more info and details about this event please click here to visit the Facebook page.

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