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New Salford Fracking License – Most of the city now up for drilling | Salford Star

fracking in Salford


This week saw the Government award a new license to Hutton Energy which covers huge swathes of the city which weren’t previously banked by Igas around Eccles and Barton Moss. The new licence, awarded days after the Paris Climate Conference, means that a huge area is now up for fracking, including Worsley, Swinton, Clifton, Pendlebury, Little Hulton and Walkden. Nowhere outside Central Salford is safe from the frackers, including Salford Civic Centre.

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Cuadrilla set to relocate HQ to Lancashire

A ‘cheeky’ reference depicting Cuadrilla CEO Francis Egan and Cuadrilla’s suspected intentions to dump nuclear waste under the guise of ‘seismic testing’.

Didn’t they hear us say NO? Perhaps we need to shout it louder!

Energy firm Cuadrilla has announced it will relocate its headquarters as a ’viable symbol’ of its commitment to shale gas exploration. After announcing last month they would be appealing against the decisions made by Lancashire County Council to refuse permission to explore shale gas at two sites, the company has now said it is moving its management and operational team from the current office in Staffordshire to an ’unconfirmed’ location in Lancashire.

Francis Egan, chief executive of Cuadrilla said: “Relocating our headquarters to the North West is not only a visible symbol of our continued commitment to exploration for shale gas in Lancashire but will enable an even greater focus in growing our supplier base and employees from the area. “Whilst we are currently at the start of an appeals process regarding our Lancashire planning applications, we are confident that shale gas exploration will bring many benefits to the region that include our own direct investment in local people and suppliers for our new head office.” Lancashire County Council rejected two planning applications for Preston New Road and Roseacre Wood in June, 2015.

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Verdict on Barton Moss contamination case due 7th Sept | Salford Star

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At Manchester Magistrates Court today in the trial of more than 40 people arrested during the anti-fracking protests at Barton Moss the court heard evidence about contamination at Barton Moss in Salford. A verdict on the evidence will now be heard in court on September 7th.

New evidence was heard today as a part of a trial of more than 40 people arrested during the anti-fracking protests at Barton Moss in Spring 2014. The new report discussed historical contamination of land surrounding the iGas site, of glacial clay that was excavated when the drilling pad was constructed and of contaminants found in the drainage ditch alongside the compound. After last weeks adjournments where the prosecutions barrister failed to attend, (see Salford Star article – click here) Manchester Magistrates Court finally heard evidence from the prosecution’s expert witness, Sarah Scott, of the Environment Agency and the expert witness for the defence, environmental scientist, Dr Aidan Foley.

Their evidence came after initial findings that were heard in March showed dangerously high levels of toxic PAHs on the land surrounding the iGas compound. These include acenaphthylene, anthracene, benz[a]anthracene and chrysene – toxic carcinogenic substances which have major affects on human health, as well as on livestock and crops. Until March Dr Foley had been refused access back onto the site by both Peel Holdings, the owners of the land, and iGas despite needing to get more samples so that he could identify the actual source of the contamination. Since then Dr Foley has been allowed back on to the site and todays hearing heard his report. A verdict on this report is now being considered and will be heard in court on September 7th.

A fracking BAD idea: Please read and share the Medact Report – what the Government don’t want us to see

The Medact Report should have been a nationwide media outcry. It’s not hard to guess why the government don’t want you to see this. Or the redacted DEFRA report…

Medact report

18 eminent medical and academic professionals, with no vested interests, researched and published the Medact report at the end of March. The overwhelming evidence that is now against fracking is astonishing. Please share the report and the information so that as many people as possible are aware of what the government is trying to bury, before it’s too late.…/…/03/medact_fracking-report_WEB3.pdf

VIDEO: Anne Power speaking at Frack Free Walkden Public Meeting | 03.03.2015

THANK YOU to everyone who attended the fracking information and social meeting held at the British Legion in Walkden on Tuesday night. It was brilliant to hear from so many different speakers spanning such a wide spectrum of different beliefs, views and backgrounds, yet who all shared one common interest – fracking and the potential damage and devastation to our water, air, health and lives. It was a reminder that whatever your political (or apolitical), ethical, philosophical, religious or spiritual takes on life, one thing unites us all and that is the right to a future free from the risk of toxic poisoning to our land, air and water caused by the fracking industry and corporations. If you couldn’t make the event or you are interested in what was said at the meeting, we’ll be uploading a video of clips of various speakers from the night, some local, some representing various political parties, some sharing their experiences of life at community resistance camps and others just sharing their own personal view and feelings and knowledge about the industry. We will be holding more meetings and social events in the near future, so thank you to those who left their contact details, we will keep you informed. Alternatively you can follow us on Twitter or check our website, details of any events will be posted on here too.

In the meantime, you can watch the above video of The Observer Ethical Award: Local Hero winner, 83 year old Anne Power speaking at the event. To read about Anne’s experience of GMP’s behaviour at Barton Moss, you can click here for a previous M.E.N news article and click here for the Salford Star’s piece on Anne’s award.

It was clear and very encouraging to see the strong community resistance and opposition, and great to get feedback from people who knew little or nothing about fracking before coming to the meeting and said they were going home with their ‘interest ignited’, feeling enthused to learn more for themselves.

EVENT: Frack Free Walkden Information & Social Evening | 03.03.2015 | 7:30pm

British Legion Event

Here are the details of FFW’s latest information and awareness event (see above). Former oilfield executive Ian R. Crane, the speaker from last year’s meeting, will be appearing to inform us of the very latest on the fracking situation in the UK. With appearances from other guest speakers and musicians, it looks set to be an inspiring and informative evening. It’s free entry, and everyone is welcome, so if you’re interested please feel free to bring along anyone else whom you think might enjoy it.

Peel Holdings moves into community fracking consent business | Salford Star

Photo by Steven Speed - Salford Star

Photo by Steven Speed – Salford Star


Peel Holdings – hardly the most popular company in Salford and the North West – is now promoting itself within the fracking industry as being able to help get community consent and licenses for shale gas exploration.

Victoria Merton from Peel Gas and Oil says that the company “has a strong track record in site development and public consenting”. Peel tried and failed to get anti-fracking protesters at Barton Moss evicted from its land, while virulent community campaigns against its housing developments have been a feature in Salford over recent years.

Peel Holdings, which rented its land to IGas Energy for exploratory drilling atBarton Moss, is currently positioning itself, via its ‘Oil and Gas’ division, as being able to help the fracking industry “move quickly through the licensing and consenting process and secure a supply chain in the UK which will underpin its success”.

Fracking companies are all chasing the so-called `social license’ – community consent – to begin controversial shale gas exploration in Salford and elsewhere, and Peel is attempting to cash in on the new energy sector by offering a service wooing the community as well as the authorities which give out planning permits. Peel Gas and Oil’s Victoria Merton, told the Shale Gas Investment Guide recently: “In 2008 IGas wanted to develop unconventional gas and Peel as a major landowner and infrastructure group, has a strong track record in site development and public consenting. That’s what Peel Gas and Oil offers: a development partnership providing IGas and companies like them with a trusted partner.”

Many people in Salford would take issue with this statement. In recent years, big community campaigns have been launched against Peel Holdings, including its plans for a racecourse in Worsley, building on green belt land at Burgess Farm and Barton Moss, peat extraction at Chat Moss and house building at Broadoak and Worsley, as well as its partnership with IGas at Barton Moss last winter, when the company tried unsuccessfully to evict anti-fracking protesters from the Barton Moss Community Protection Camp.

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Anti-fracking Posters: Available to Download

Requests for posters continue to increase, which has led to the introduction of some new designs this month. Displaying a poster in the window of your home, your car, or your work place is an effective and easy way to highlight the dangers and risks associated with fracking and also prompt people who might otherwise not know a single thing about the topic to research fracking, consider the evidence and come to their own conclusions.


FFW3Jpeg  FFWXmaspub   FFW2jpeg

To download:

Click on your chosen design to open the image as a jpeg file which you can then save to your computer and print via the program or app of your choice. Alternatively, click on a link below to open the poster as a PDF version.

A version of each poster without the ‘Frack Free Walkden’ website address is also available for you to customize or add your own website or group’s name on – click the link named as ‘blank version’ in your chosen design for these.

‘Fracking/Health – Pick One’ PDF Poster

‘Fracking/Health – Pick One’ Poster – Blank Version

‘We can say ‘no!’ to Toxic Fracking’ PDF Poster

‘We can say ‘no!’ to Toxic Fracking’ Poster – Blank Version

‘It’s our water, it’s our future, stop fracking’ PDF Poster

‘It’s our water, it’s our future, stop fracking’ Poster – Blank Version

‘Knowledge is Power, Research Fracking’ PDF Poster

‘Knowledge is Power, Research Fracking’ – Blank Version

‘Merry Christmas & a Frack Free New Year’ PDF Poster

‘Merry Christmas & a Frack Free New Year’ – Blank Version

Yes, we can say No to Toxic Fracking PDF Poster

Yes, we can say No to Toxic Fracking – Blank Version


To view more poster designs, please click here to go to the original poster download page.



Frack Free Walkden Update & The Launch of Frack Free Salford

The Frack Free Walkden website has unfortunately suffered from various technical difficulties in the past month. After much effort, time and skills volunteered from our dedicated ‘tech team’, the website is thankfully back up and running to bring you the latest news and information. With so much happening and developing every single day both in the UK and throughout the world when it comes to fracking news, we know how important it is to keep content updated and relevant.  We thank you for your patience and understanding.

In local news which you may already be aware of, Frack Free Salford has officially launched and you can find out more about this group, who are “the main group for future campaigns against fracking in Salford” on their official Facebook page – please click here to visit.

Poster downloads – please show your support and help raise awareness

Say No to Toxic Fracking posterStop Fracking PosterYour water...Your future

Displaying a poster is an effective way to raise awareness about the topic of fracking and encourage people to do their own research about the dangers of the industry and how it will affect them. They are a great way to inform and remind people that fracking is a serious issue and not a problem which is just going to go away. The sharing of information is vital and putting up a poster, whether it be in your home, car, staff room or workplace, is a really easy way to show your anti-fracking support with minimum effort.

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