FRACKING: Everyone’s business

Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is the process of drilling deep into the earth to access shale gas (methane). The toxic chemicals used in the fracking process carry a serious and deadly risk to public health. Terrible things have happened, and continue to happen, to the people living in countries and areas which have already been ‘fracked’. The chemicals hold proven links to cancer, birth defects, infertility, stunted foetal development, skin complaints and respiratory problems. Fracking is irreversible – it will pollute the air we breathe and contaminate our very life source – the water supply that we drink, clean and cook with. No amount of money is worth such huge risk to our health.

Fracking will not bring down energy prices or create ‘thousands of jobs for locals’, but investment in home insulation and safe, clean, renewable energy would. Renewable energy sources such as off-shore wind turbines are a much better way to generate energy. Given that humans are the only species on the planet who pay for their energy, one has to wonder why we are not encouraged to develop and utilise the free energy that exists all around us…and how fracturing the land beneath our feet and pumping it with poison could ever be seen as a good idea (except to help make the ‘rich’ even richer).

A good idea you say...

Cash strapped Salford Council have been bribed with £100,000 to allow ‘test fracking’ to take place at Barton Moss, Irlam. The fact that the government is now resorting to handing out cash to local communities shows that they know they are losing the argument and that fewer people than they’d hoped are falling for the fracking dream they are trying sell us. Click on the image below to enlarge, and see how fracking means profit for the people in power, each with their own vested interests. It is no coincidence:

Map of Corruption

Living near a fracking site not only carries huge health concerns, but it will lower your property value and affect home insurance due to an increased risk of tremors and earthquakes. In terms of the ‘bigger picture’, fracking is not just a local issue. It is going to destroy our planet and threaten our health and homes in order to make a few people very rich. The people of Salford do not have to tolerate this. Remember:

You have a RIGHT to demand safe, clean, risk-free water

You, your family, your children and your grandchildren have the RIGHT to a poison-free future

You have a RIGHT to peacefully protest against corporate greed and environmental ruin at Barton Moss

Once they frack, we can’t go back. Please don’t wait until it is too late. Research why these corporations are attempting to pay people whose lives have already been affected in return for their silence.

What will you tell your grandchildren

Do your own research and decide for yourself:

Or simply Google ‘dangers of fracking’ and get informed!

This page is written as a very brief introduction to the truth about fracking. It is by no means an exhaustive or comprehensive guide to the dangers of this dangerous and unethical process. You are encouraged to take your own trail, do your own research, find your own answers, and make your own mind up.

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